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Contact us for a free case review or free consultation at (717) 737-7574. Norfleet Law Offices, LLC help people in need of Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, or Workers’ Compensation in Harrisburg and across Pennsylvania.

When you are dealing with an insurance company protecting your employer or trying to understand the Social Security disability process, you can feel overwhelmed and alone.You do not have to feel alone: the attorneys at Norfleet Law Offices, LLC represent injured and disabled workers just like you throughout Pennsylvania. We provide you with the information and the answers that you need to be better prepared to fight for the benefits that you need.   We understand that each case is different and that you have questions and concerns that are unique to your case. 

Making a mistake with your initial Social Security disability application or with your workers’ compensation claim can cause unnecessary delays in your case and may cost you valuable benefits—benefits that you and your family need.

Handling Your Case Correctly—From the Beginning—Can’t Be Emphasized Too Much 

The best way to avoid costly mistakes is to call us before you file an application for Social Security disability benefits, before you make a workers’ compensation claim, or before you settle your personal injury claim. There is never a fee for a consultation and we will help you decide if this is the right time to retain an attorney. If you do need an attorney, we will assist you from the beginning of your claim and will be with you throughout your case.

If you have filed an application for Social Security disability benefits or you are receiving worker’s compensation benefits, call us to discuss your case. You want to be prepared if the insurance company tries to terminate or reduce your benefits or if the Social Security Administration denies your application.

Remember, it is much better for you and your family to address these problems as soon as possible and there are many ways to contact us. Call us toll-free at 844-770-1860 or (717) 737-7574, or use our chat feature for immediate help. You can also email us with questions by clicking here.

If you have general questions or you would like to learn more about Social Security disability or workers’ compensation claims, please request a copy of our free book on how to be better prepared to fight for your Social Security disability benefits, or request a free legal guide on a number of workers’ compensation issues.



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Workers' Compensation Workers' Compensation


If you are injured on the job, you may not know what is available to you and what isn’t. You trust your employer and his insurance company, but you still have an unsettled feeling that something isn’t quite right. Learn more about your rights and what you can do to get a settlement that covers the entire cost of your injuries—not just part of it. Contact a Harrisburg workers’ compensation lawyer at Norfleet Law Offices, LLC today to learn more.

Social Security Disability Social Security Disability

The application procedure for Social Security disability insurance is a long, detailed process. One mistake could set you back months or over a year. By seeking guidance from a local Social Security disability attorney in Harrisburg before mistakes happen, you get the benefits you need and the peace of mind you want during this difficult process.

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