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My son injured his hand and lost three fingers while working with machinery at work. Is he entitled to money for losing his fingers?

Yes.  Under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act, injured workers are entitled to a specific loss award for both the loss of an appendage -- amputation of the appendage -- or the loss of use of the body part "for all practical intents and purposes."  The amount of the benefit payable for the specific loss is calculated the same was as an injured workers' weekly total disability payment is calculated. Body parts have their own unique value which is represented by the payment of a number off weeks of compensation.  For example, each finger, as well as the thumb, has its own award amount.  Each body part also provides for a "healing period" and, provided that the injured worker doesn not return to work prior to the number of weeks provided for the "healing period," the worker will receive the assigned number of "healing" weeks of benefits in addition to the specific loss award.


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