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I was hurt at work and received a Temporary Notice of Compensation Payable, what rights do I have?

After you provide proper notice of your injury, the employer, within 21 days of that notice, may issue several documents including a Temporary Notice of Compensation Payable.  The Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable (LIBC-501) is filed to extend the investigation period to 90 days before they are forced to accept or deny full liability for the injury. In other words, this allows the employer, or its insurance company, to begin paying your medical bills and wage loss benefits while reserving the right to deny your claim within 90 days while they continue to "investigate" your claim.  If they take no action to deny your claim within 90 days, your Temporary Notice of Compensation Payable will convert to a Notice of Compensation Payable by operation of law and attach the most rights possible to your claim.  If the conversion takes place, you will be notified by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation and, thereafter, your benefits may not be stopped or changed until there is a return to work without a wage loss, and Order from a Workers Compensation Judge, or a negotiated settlement between the parties.  The Temporary Notice of Compensation Payable is filed with the Bureau in conjunction with the Statement of Wages.


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