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Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Harrisburg to Help With These Three Stages of Your Claim

When you are in pain, the only thing you want to focus on is getting your life back to normal. You don’t want to battle the insurance adjuster. You don’t want to question what your boss is telling you. You certainly don’t want to worry about having to make a choice between losing your job or paying for an injury that happened at work.

Unfortunately, after an on-the-job injury, these concerns often come to the forefront, robbing you of the time you need to take to heal.

When Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Makes Sense

Hiring a lawyer might feel excessive. You might worry that you will escalate a situation if you show your boss and the insurance adjuster that you doubt what they say. This is a normal reaction.

Hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer to help with an on-the-job injury is more common than you might realize. Here are three instances when having a lawyer on your side makes sense.

1.When you need benefits. After an on the job injury, you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for your medical expenses and time missed from work. That’s why your employer has workers’ compensation insurance coverage. However, when the insurance adjuster for your employer disputes how much you should receive, you need a lawyer to fight on your behalf. When you need benefits, you need to know your rights. Having a lawyer on your side eliminates doubt in your mind and helps you get what you deserve.

2.After you’ve received the benefits you need. Once you’ve received benefits, you might think that the work is over. However, your benefits will eventually come to an end. This could happen sooner than you expect—and sooner than you deserve. Having a lawyer on your side to answer questions, to get familiar with your case, and to prepare for the termination of your benefits is a smart decision.

3.When you need to make a lump sum settlement. Some workers’ compensation claims result in a lump sum settlement. This is when the insurance company decides on one total amount of money to pay you instead of negotiating benefits on an ongoing basis. Lump sum settlements are complex and often require you to have a hearing, submit medical evidence, and get expert witnesses to testify on your behalf. Accessing a lawyer’s resources and skill set to help with this is invaluable.

Hiring a Harrisburg workers’ compensation lawyer can make a tremendous difference in your case. It can be the difference between draining your family’s savings on an injury that happened at work and getting the support you need so you can make a full recovery in peace.

Do you know someone who was hurt at work and hasn’t hired a lawyer? Share this article with him or her to offer up some helpful guidance about filing a workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania.

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