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Are Social Security Disability Benefits Out of Control?

Posted on Aug 29, 2014

Recent projections forecast that Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) funds will reach depletion by 2016. According to recent news releases, the latest figures equate to approximately 14 million people receiving disability checks and around $175 billion being paid out each year.

Now, more critics openly claim that the system is out of control. United States Senator Tom Coburn (R–Oklahoma) called the growth of the system “horrendous.” He estimated that one in 19 Americans receives Social Security disability of some kind.

The committee that Senator Coburn serves on released a report that said the number of people receiving disability benefits continues to grow at unprecedented rates. With approximately 800,000 Americans appealing a denial of Social Security disability benefits, many fear for the future of the system that so many people rely on for income.

Despite all of the fears and worries about the Social Security disability system, many people are coming forward to reassure Americans that the system and its future are secure.

A basic argument for the survival of Social Security disability insurance is that the system is funded by payroll taxes. In order to receive SSDI, recipients must have paid into the system for a certain period of time. If they have not worked and paid into the payroll taxes for long enough, they will not qualify for this benefit. That means that the people receiving money from the system have already paid into it while they were able to work.

Another argument in support of the system’s stability is that the growing age of the population has played a major factor in the rising numbers. As more people from the baby boomer generation age, it is natural to expect a surge in the number of people dealing with disability and receiving benefits.

As Social Security disability lawyers in Harrisburg, we have seen firsthand the vital benefits this system offers to recipients. We encourage the Social Security Administration to review for fraudulent claims that may be taking away from those who need this income, but we do not feel that the system is out of control.

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