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Avoid Mistakes and Longer Wait Times With Help From a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Are you disabled and need to apply for Social Security disability benefits?  Have you applied for Social Security disability benefits and were denied?  Do you have a disabled child who needs Social Security disability benefits?  If you answered “YES” to any of these questions – we can help.  There are many people who file applications for benefits without the assistance of an experienced Social Security disability attorney.  In most cases, this is a mistake.  Your chances of being approved for benefits increases with the assistance of an experienced Social Security disability attorney.  How can we best help you?  By contacting Norfleet Law Offices, LLC​ before you file your application for benefits.  We know how to prepare your application and reports to give you the best chance of being approved for the benefits that you need.  We understand that the application or appeal process can be overwhelming and confusing.  Mistakes in your application can cause unnecessary delays and may cause you to lose valuable benefits. Mistakes are difficult to fix once your application is filed - do it right the first time!

We understand that you may have many questions about the application or appeal process or you may be frustrated and you may feel like giving up – we do not want you to give up – we want you to be better prepared to fight for your benefits. 

We have prepared free educational guides to assist you.  Request your free copy of Social Security Disability - How to be Better Prepared to Fight for Your Benefits and Five Reasons the Social Security Administration will Deny Your Claim.

Do not risk being denied the benefits that you and your family need because of errors or mistakes in your application or because you miss an important deadline.  Our help is only a phone call away or you can request a FREE case evaluation.  Our consultations are always free and you do not pay a fee until we secure benefits for you.  Call now for a "No Charge Consultation" 717-737-7574


When you apply for Social Security disability benefits, providing accurate and complete information can make the difference between receiving your benefits or receiving a denial letter.  If you have been denied and you are appearing before an Administrative Law Judge - your case needs to be prepared and ready to go.  Most hearings do not last for more than an hour and the judge will expect you and your attorney to be prepared.  I know that there are a lot of national firms or "disability groups" that take cases across the country and advertise that they help "thousands of people."  I believe that it is important for your case to receive personal attention.  I understand how important these benefits are to you and to your family.  I also understand that no two cases are the same and should not be handled in the same way.  Your case is unique.  I work with you to get to know you and the challenges that you and your family are facing.  I work with you and your doctors to understand your impairments and why you are unable to work.  I believe that this type of personal attention is vital to your case and gives you the best opportunity to be approved for the benefits that you need.  If you agree, contact me today to discuss your case.


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