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I honestly don't think we would have had a better outcome with any other lawyer.


Dear Frank, An accident can take away many things from a person, such as independence and self-worth, leaving the victim to feel helpless, hopeless, overwhelmed, and depressed. Not only are they left to face medical bills flooding in faster than they can process, along with endless tough decisions, but all the while receiving extensive therapy that at times is beyond grueling and fatiguing. Some hire a lawyer with hope already lost that there is truly any help following such a horrible misfortune. To simply say "Thank You" would be an insult to all you have done. Not only did you work diligently with your client and her family to ensure that she got what she deserved, but you never settled for what the insurance companies said she "deserved". Your perseverance and commitment is greatly appreciated by all affected with this accident. You've stayed in contact with your client regularly, taking the burden off of her and onto yourself at her weakest times, reassuring her that she would not need to worry and everything would be alright; and you were right. The client in reference? ... Is my mom. What you do goes beyond "winning a case". You restored hope in my mom that she WILL get through this and lifted any burden of medical bills that she feared she would have to pay. Thanks to you she is not helpless, hopeless, or overwhelmed; She's simply... my mom. I cannot express enough how much you have helped her and everyone concerned about her. A man of your word to say the least. I highly recommend you to anyone and everyone (small town or city). Thank you for all of your hard work Frank! I honestly don't think we would have had a better outcome with any other lawyer. Sincerely, Stephanie (daughter)

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